Role: Lead Designer with a multidisciplinary development team. Designed with Kensington Computer Products Group 
Description: A modular customer-configurable iPad case with security, credit card reader(s), kickstand, VESA mount, hand strap, shoulder strap and form-fitting rugged jacket options.  iPadEnclosures by ArmorActive also sells the product as SwitchBack.
Co-named on utility patent 20140204529.
CES Innovations Award 2014
Twice VIP Award 2014
Released Spring 2013
Kensington promotional video showing Black Belt 3rd Degree Cover on the M-Series Case as well as various modular options and targeted industries.  
Product with rugged jacket option as well as translucent rear cover, Kensington lock, handstrap/shoulder strap and kickstand modular options.
Concept Sketch for rotating handstrap and shoulder strap module.
Handstrap and shoulder strap mock-up demonstration for team feedback, iteration, and development.
SecureBack M-Series with Credit Card Reader Modules attached. Version without Credit Card Reader module available.
Multi-position kickstand module
Exploded view of core product with kickstand, power cable cover and Square CCR reader modules. 
Early concepts sketches of M-Series Modular Case with Kickstand Module ideas.
Rapid prototyped SLA model evaluation with battery module sketch for feedback, testing, and refinement. 
Product and modular components exploded view rendered in KeyShot.
Limited edition models were produced for customers requesting white versions.

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