Designer and entrepreneur specialized in the creative, technical, sourcing, and collaborative problem-solving aspects of product design and development in bringing ideas to market. 

He's worked on a range of award-winning, patented, user-focused, and business-viable products as a staff designer at companies like Lenovo (Formerly IBM PCD), Kensington Computer Products Group (ACCO Brands), Brookstone, GumDrop/HCC, Insight Product Development and Techwaves/Umigo International. 

He's consulted with/for Microsoft, Dolby Labs, NovaDesign, D2M, Zephyr Ventilation, Emotiv, SpeakMan, PEEQ Data, VeloMounts, JMS for Juniper Networks, CAN Mobilities, ECCO Design NYC, start-ups, and confidential companies on disclosure projects.  

He is based in San Francisco, CA.


Red Dot,  Industrie Forum (iF), CES Best of Innovations, Red Dot, Industrie Forum (iF), CES Best of Innovations, TCO Edge "Green" Award, JDF IDC, Shonan Design 

United States Patent US 9481490 Issued November 1, 2016
United States Patent US 9141145 Issued September 22, 2015
United States Patent US 9144279 Issued September 29, 2015
United States Patent US 20090183689 Issued July 29, 2009
United States Patent US 20150076188 Issued September 18, 2013
United States Patent US D724594 Issued March 17, 2015
United States Patent US 20150151879 Issued June 4, 2015
United States Patent US D733045 Issued June 30, 2015  
United States Patent US D750565 Issued March 1, 2016  
United States Patent EP2759663 A2 Issued July 24, 2014
United States Patent US 20140204529 Application July 24, 2014 
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