Worked with Client (now business partner) from the initial idea of an ultra-portable toothbrush that could fit in a wallet. After working through use cases, mock-ups, and investigating manufacturing processes and potential materials I made 3d-printed prototypes for us to evaluate and iterate upon.  After a few months the project was funded and we met in Asia where I helped source suppliers for mass manufacturing.  

The patent pending product is made of recyclable materials (PP and TPE) that comes with a reusable soft rubber bristled toothbrush (folded in half), two toothpicks, and fluoride tablets in a resealable package. 

Tooth2Go is designed for on-the-go, fresh breathe, dental hygiene for moments in between normal morning and evening mouth care. Our customers range from travel, hospitality, and venue businesses to families and on-the-go professionals :)  

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